Committee on Standards in Public Life

Thank you for contacting me about the Standards Matter 2 review.

This review was conducted by the Committee on Standards in Public Life (CSPL) and the Committee published their final report as part of this review in November. You are right that the Committee made a series of recommendations on various issues including the Business Appointment Rules, the Commissioner for Public Appointments, and the Ministerial Code.

My ministerial colleagues are currently considering the review in full and will publish the Government's response in due course. I am confident that the appropriate actions will be taken to preserve the high standards we expect of all our public servants.

Further, I would like to highlight some of this Government’s wider achievements on delivering greater transparency in government. The Government has ensured that taxpayer-funded grants are not perversely used for lobbying and the practice of quangos hiring lobbyists to lobby government has been banned – a frequent practice under previous governments. Additionally, the Government has implemented a new regime of regular transparency publications including on spending, contracts, and salaries, and continues to deliver greater accountability throughout Government.