Elections Bill - First Past the Post

Thank you for contacting me about changes to the voting system for Police and Crime Commissioners, Combined Authority Mayors, and the Mayor of London.

The Elections Bill will legislate to change the electoral system for all elected mayors and for Police and Crime Commissioners, from Supplementary Vote, to the well understood and long-established system of First Past the Post.

Britain’s long-standing national electoral system of First Past the Post ensures clearer accountability, and allows voters to kick out the politicians who don’t deliver.

First Past the Post provides for stable and effective governance; it is easy to understand and transparent in its operation; and it produces fair results at both a constituency and a national level. Democracy is seen to be done: the person chosen to represent a constituency or locality is the one who receives the most votes. By contrast, Supplementary Vote can cause confusion, leading to more spoilt and rejected ballots. This was evidenced as part of the Electoral Commission’s recent review of the May 2021 elections.

In the 2011 referendum, the British public decisively voted to keep Britain’s national electoral system of First Past the Post. The Manifesto upon which I was elected pledged to support First Past the Post in local and national elections. I believe we should respect those democratic mandates.