Road Safety

Thank you for contacting me about road safety.

Britain’s roads are some of the safest in the world, but I know that ministerial colleagues are always looking at ways to help keep all road users safe. The Government has already invested £147.5 million to deliver life-saving improvements on 82 high risk roads across England.

In April 2023, £47.5 million was allocated to 27 different schemes through the Safer Roads Fund. Funding is allocated based on data independently surveyed and provided by the Road Safety Foundation. The data analysed is based on a road safety risk, looking at data on those killed and seriously injured alongside traffic levels. In total, £100 million has so far been provided through the programme to improve the 50 most dangerous roads in England, the majority of which are rural roads.

Further funding was allocated in March 2024, with £38.3 million to deliver improvements on 17 roads. This comes on top of the £147.5 million already delivered. Over a 20-year period, this funding will see significant reductions in fatal and serious injuries, up to as much as a 30 per cent reduction on some roads.

More broadly, since 25 March 2022, motorists are breaking the law if they use a handheld mobile phone behind the wheel for any use, including to take photos or videos, scroll through playlists or play games. This means anyone caught using their handheld device while driving could face a fine of up to £1,000 as well as 6 points on their licence or a full driving ban. A THINK! awareness campaign was launched to telegraph these changes to the public.

Drink driving enforcement has been strengthened too, by ending the automatic right for drivers who fail a breathalyser test to demand a blood and urine test, thereby removing the opportunity to sober up while waiting for the test to be taken.

Furthermore, Conservatives have a plan to create a Road Collision Investigation Branch to carry out thematic investigations and probe specific incidents of concern to establish the causes of collisions and make independent safety recommendations to help further improve road safety across the country. The branch will not identify blame or liability and so does not replace police investigation and will instead draw on all available evidence to make recommendations. The party intends to legislate for the creation of the branch when parliamentary time allows.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.