Anthony Mangnall: Covid 19 Update

Evening all,

My latest update.

PPE – Update

Devon is expecting 1.3m PPE items to be delivered by the end of tomorrow. These extra resources will be utilised across the NHS and for adult social care providers (including domiciliary carers) and child support services.

If your organisation has run out of PPE or is in danger of doing so you have the following options available to you:

· Purchase through the market
· Order through National Supply Disruption Resource -
· Contact Devon Clinical Commission Group
· Contact Devon County Council

One further point of contact to look at when it is launched:

· Use the Clipper Logistics App (due to launch shortly)

It is frustrating to make repeated calls for more PPE because we should have had it in the first place. However, our calls are being heard and we are seeing the supply chain improve.

I will continue to monitor levels within the NHS, Social Care facilities and across the whole of South West.

--- Devon County Council Call and £13bn of debt wiped off the NHS books ----

Today I joined the Devon County Council update call which was wide-ranging and comprehensive. We were updated on about local health care, social care, education and economy and welfare.

Added to which we have details brief from the Local Resilience Forum and on protecting the vulnerable. Perhaps you can forgive me for not going into details but I was please that comprehensive action and engagement are taking place across all the above areas and the South West is in good standing.

It is all worth noting that last week the Health Secretary scrapped £13bn worth of debt off the NHS, for Torbay hospital that means the removal of £17,731,000 worth of debt. Freeing up cash for the fight against COVID-19.

---- Second Homers ----

A great deal of concern has been raised by the sudden appearance of second homeowners across Devon. I have raised this matter with colleagues across the South West and with Cabinet Ministers. The sad reality is that there is little that can be done to stop people from turning up at their second homes, regardless of how irresponsible it is.

I am in regular contact with the police force and I support wholeheartedly their strategy to:
- Engage
- Educate
- Enforce

I can only hope this enhances responsibility across the country.

---- Small Business Rate Grants -----

I am aware of the many hundreds, if not thousands fall between the gaps with regards to the packages announced by the government. From the small business owners to the start-ups and the self-employed.

The measures that have been announced so far are comprehensive and they help the vast majority. For those that are left out, I am working with those in other departments and other MPs to get the support needed. It is taking time and silence does not mean lack of action.

Please go through the gov website carefully:…/guidan…/covid-19-support-for-businesses

If you need further assistance, please email:

---- Closing the loopholes ----

Perversely it appears that same small business grant is available to second homeowners who have claimed small business rate relief.

I am appalled by this and together with Judy Pearce, Leader of South Hams Council, we are calling for the loophole to be closed.

In that interim period, while we wait for a government announcement, I am pleased to hear that South Hams council has frozen any business grant payments to second homeowners.

Other news:

A never-ending list, but tomorrow I will be:
- Discussing with Aviva, Hiscox and the Association of British Insurers to discuss the lack of insurance claim pay-outs
- Speaking with ABTA with regards to holiday refunds
- Liaising with British citizens stranded overseas

More tomorrow.