My Statement on Dominic Cummings


I have, from the outset, been clear of the need for people to stay home and to help protect against the spread of Covid-19. Undoubtedly this has been one of the many reasons why our local area has had a significantly lower number of cases. I stand by the advice that I have advocated publicly, and I am grateful to you and your family members for following it.

It is also the same guidance that we across the whole of our country have been instructed to follow. The anger and dissatisfaction at Mr Cumming's behaviour is no surprise at all.

All of us have made extraordinary sacrifices over the last two months, going without seeing our family, our friends and our loved ones. I have not seen my mother, father or brothers or recently arrived nephew. Like you, I have accepted that sacrifices have had to be made, no matter how painful or upsetting.

So, to see that others have chosen to follow the rules differently is incredibly difficult. However, I cannot pretend to know the course of action a father might take in regards to the safeguarding of his child.

Mr Cummings has given his explanation to the Prime Minister and the nation. I share many of the concerns that have been raised. I would not have taken that course of action.

I was elected to represent my constituency and to work on their behalf. Spending time defending an adviser is not a good use of time, especially given the many fears and concerns about people's future and their livelihoods.

My team and I have been working seven days a week since the start of this crisis and have been relentlessly dedicated to helping those who have been most adversely impacted by this virus. We will continue that work.

I appreciate the extraordinary sacrifices that people across our local community are making by following the Government’s advice and guidance to help keep people safe at this difficult time.

With best wishes,