Our road and rail networks have seen significant investment over the last four years. With over £300m provided for buses and the £2 bus fare cap remaining in place, I am working to develop our local transport routes further. With the creation of the Primrose Link joining road and rail services together plus new pilot schemes being developed to improve access to healthcare facilities, the South Devon model is improving.

Increasing the number of buses on our roads and the frequency of services will reduce car numbers, improve air quality and safeguard services for the future. But so too can we improve railways. The new-old model from Paddington to Dartmouth incorporating both Great Western Railways and the Dartmouth Steam Railway is a perfect example, showing how public transport is evolving to work better for you.

However, to make it work we need to make sure that programmes such as the dualling of the A303 continue, that potholes are addressed and roads like the A379 at Slapton Sands are protected. Already, local schemes are up and running to help fill in potholes, supported by additional Government funding, and I am working with your parish councils to help speed up the process. I have also chaired meetings of the Slapton Line Partnership and pushed for further progress to be made, to ensure this vital road is protected against future storm damage.